Long time no blog. I’m cool with that. It’s been busy. The brewery is coming along nicely and this week the bar is going to be put in! Looking pretty meaty and industrial. Can’t wait to put an elbow on it and share a cold froth. We’re looking at some pretty sexy 12 tap systems at the moment, so we better start thinking of some new brews to punch out! Speaking of which! Our new IIPA is due at the end of March (and in CANIMALS!!!) and the Manhattan V.2 is being launched at Foresters Hall on March 11 upstairs! Going to be a top hat and mustache dress theme!

Anyways, it was brought to my attention today that I forgot to write the second half of our USA brew trip from last year! Here is a brief on the wheres and brews etc.


On the way here we went through Crater Lake! Amazing scenery and they had the stupidest amazing selection of craft beer in the snackshop/info centre there. It was a real sign of pride! Great to see!

We left there and went through some more amazing places to arrive at Grants Pass (GP). Our cool AirBnB host lent/gave us a few growlers to go fill up at The Haul, a local gastropub. So, we did. Blood OJ IPA, thank you very much! We sat out on his balcony and watched the sun set of the Rogue river. Yep, cool. It was about 40 degrees outside but that didn’t stop the fireworks sparkling over the sky… 4th of July!

After or before a few beers, we headed to Climate City Brewing for a burger and a beer. Again, super friendly locals asked us about our British accents. Beer was great and food average. A common phenomenon.

From GP we headed towards BEND!


I loved Bend! It had a great holiday vibe. A bit like Bright in the summer with a snow capped mountain in the background. There were a lot of younger people there too and 12 breweries! 10 barrel was a favorite with a bunch of great brews and tasty eats. I did a solo venture to the Bend Brewery and it had a 1980’s alpine vibe. Watched the women’s soccer and had a pint. Pretty relaxing local hangout. Deschutes was a let down. The beer was average and the service pretty uninterested. Shame. I really missed out on Boneyard and Crux, alas I feel I may be going back soon!


We cruised up to Portland and heard wild stories of gas stations that had 20 beer taps for growler fills. Mt Hood looked ridiculously big so we stopped a roadside tavern and had a feast. Fish and chips, apparently people drove 90 mins from Portland to eat it. It was fine… Oh, this place was one of the first that didn’t really have much craft beer. I was getting worried!

Never to mind! Portland was pretty hectic when we arrived! But we got to our awesome accomm and I suffered another average Deschutes from the mini bar. I did manage to find a pretty awesome coffee place around the corner however!

Highlights were Cascade Barrel Room and Hair of the Dog. Both absolute musts for beer lovers. HOTD had a $2500 beer that I eyed off plus a host of crazed barrel aged sours and imperials. Check them out on ratebeer… You will be jealous. Cascade had a stunning array of sours. I was pretty psyched!

There was a few more places on the way back that had some good beers, but these two were the stand outs. We did dinner with some friends at Fat Head’s, surprisingly good IPA! WE also did Deschutes and again, third time unlucky. The beer was really shabby, lifeless and dull. Done and dusted for me. Anyway, most of the beers were damn awesome!

Next time a trip to Pacific City I think is on the cards and a few more of the regional breweries would be better! Can’t wait to get back soon!

Stay tuned for more brewery news!

Moving Right Along

Posted: July 22, 2015 in News

Moving right along!

Hi Everybody! Well, mainly trade peeps, actually!

As of this week Dainton beer can be purchased directly from the company and delivered to your lovely establishment! We have parted ways with our distributor, Northdown, as we have put on our own brand ambassador and beer spruiker in an effort to just be more Dainton-like, which we hope is a good thing! We loved our distributor and the effort they did in promoting our brews, but it is time to head out into the crazy world on our own!

For sales please contact Evin on 0459 914 937 and on email evin@daintonbrewing.com.au

Looking forward to hearing from you!

USA Road Trippin! Part 1

Posted: July 13, 2015 in News


First thing I did off the plane in sunny Sandi, was to knock back a pint of the freshest Stone IPA I have ever dreamt of. Sensational! It seriously set the tone for the whole trip! Blew me away with its pungent aroma and smacked the back of my gullet with its severe hoppy pazaz and crunching bitterness. I was in love…
San Diego is a little like Brisbane/Gold Coast in it’s gorgeous sunny disposition and laid back populous who (in contrast to at least Gold Coast…) care more about craft beer than the Queen does her Corgi’s… 250 metres from our hotel room is the Ballast Point R & D brewery and tasting room in which I got my first taste of not only the freakin’ hummin’ Grapefruit Sculpin IPA, but the super friendly hospitality of the SoCal locals! The bar girl made me ring their brewer at another brewery (they have 4 in SD… Breweries, not brewers…) because he was Australian, we chatted for a good 10 minutes as she sourced a few more IPA’s for me to taste! Did I mention it was 11am?

WE hit up the baseball as well and man… It was craft beer centrale! Shiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeetttttt!!!!!!!!! I was standing in line behind a few Grandma’s complaining to the bartender that they only liked the imperial IPA’s and normal IPA’s were for rat finks and scally-wag cider drinkers… True Story. I quietly ordered a Sculpin and ran to my seat. Baseball apparently happened around this craft beer mecca.

Getting my Sculpin On!

A quick trip to Ocean Beach to eat some pizza and check out the very local brews at Pizza Port! Caught up with an old mate, Damo (and his lovely lady, Sally) from the Squire days. Pints were had and we caught up later to check out Karl Strauss and hang with to Coronado brewing champ, Ryan. It was a bit of a brewers nerd-out session. Loved it. Livvy, maybe not so much. Did I mention this was our honeymoon?


Stone IPA in the Cinema!!! YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!! I had 4 and no popcorn. The movie, was…. Who cares…
We stayed in the Hyatt, it was fancy. It had Sculpin on tap and Alpine Hoppy Birthday IPA. Score!

A few breweries lay not too far away (actually, pretty far…) and we ubered our way out to Mirimar! Yeah, baby! Ride into the DANGER ZONE! Alesmith, Societe, Green Flash, Lost Abbey and Stone! BOOM, goes the dynamite!

Societe had easily the best session beers with 2 stunningly fresh IPA’s and a host of other great beers. They were easily the most lovely and hospitable crew and one us over with their awesome beers and generosity. I scored a free growler of beer and a tee! I love you Jade, err… I mean Societe… I mean wife… Doh!

What to drink at Societe!

Alesmith showed us their new facility and blew us away with the size and $$$$$$$$ they must have spent on it! Jeebers! Green Flash did a tour that lasted 17 hours and they were most generous as well. Stevo was a legend and got me hooked on some whacked out sours! We also caught up with Scott and Julia and their new bubba here. Great to chat beers and well, beers… Saw local beer legend, Tim Taylor, for about 34 seconds as well. Great bloke.

Lost Abbey were geek-rockers… The way I saw it was like if Slayer and Breaking Bad had a daughter that married the son of NoFX and the Big Bang theory… They were tops blokes though and showed us around a mad barrel aging project and sorted us out with some sexy take home brews!

Stone was epic and mind-blowing with its gardens and architecture. We didn’t stick around for the tour, but sampled a few brews and chilled out with the turtles.

Thinking about our Stone Collab…


If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to were some bullet proof flowers in your hair. We managed to pick out a sweet hotel in an area that is lovingly (and aptly) called “Skid Row”… It was not so sunny, fun or beery and it had no Stone IPA. It did have the Mikkeller bar 27 metres from our Hotel though. It was a cracking bar with the best quality food and beers at 3 different serving temperatures. I had a Tenderloin IPA (named after Skiddy, was we endearingly came to call our new neighbourhood. I miss those 4am rap parties outside our window. I MISS YOU J-DAWG AND BILLY!) and some Jester King thing. Good.

Found me some Pliney, nuff said… Well, I’ll say a little more. It was just as good as your think it is. And it was $5 a pint! HA HA! I’m thirsty and sad now.
Rogue brew pubs are generally pretty run-down and a bit average compared to some of the newer places. Beer was still pretty good, but nothing on the San Diego brewers. Word.

On the way out of SF we crawled up to Russian River (4th July holiday traffic sucked!) to find a 80 billion people lined up to buy some Pliney. I decided I’d not be on of them. Yep, that’s right. I didn’t go in. Hate me now. Guess I’ll have to go back! I did score Siamese Dream on LP in the shop over the road and ate a pastrami sandwich. So all was not lost.

Getting some Pliney on in this ripping place. Tool and Pliney combined = AWESOME!

We cruised up to Arcata at the edge of the Redwood Forests that arvo and chilled at our Airbnb place with a couple of local Mad River brews.
Next up…. The Road to Portland!



NEW beer alert!

Bastard Brotherbb

Bastard Brother, benign and benevolent is betrayed as both in inverse. He is evil in inebriation and pious in palate, a Saint of savoir and a devil of desire. Once consumed you forever long for more and for-never can satisfy your yearning. As you sup, the Bastard Brother watches over you, waiting for the time to strike, yet, he never does. His victory is in knowing that in your consumption of his brew, he has indeed consumed you. Do not try to fight him, for you will become him… And if you gaze too long into the Bastard, the Bastard will gaze back into you…

A Belgian inspired RYE IPA! Bitter orange peel and loads of new world and US hops, combined with a special Belgian yeast strain give this brew a complexity of craziness. Delicious and devastatingly delightful. 8.0% ABV and 115IBUS, this one is for the beer geeks and flavour kings alike.

WINNING! Medals, that is…

The Sneaky Son Smoking Stoutsson has won a Bronze Medal in the Australian International Beer Awards! The most recognized awards held in Australia.

The Red Eye Rye claimed a shiny Silver Medal redeye

smedal bmedal

This is our first time entering the awards and the first batch of the Sneaky Son. We are a little chuffed to be among some talented brewers and well established breweries!

Good Beer Week Sched…

Posted: May 14, 2015 in News

Hi gang,

Time, space, the expanding continuum that is is… Good Beer Week… It is time for it now. The space is Melbourne and more specifically for Dainton, it is the below….

Saturday 16 – Catfish: Monsters of Hop! Metal and Beer!
Sunday 17 – Pinnacle: Northdown Brewers Take Over! AND The Terminus: Pint of Origin!
Monday – Recover (I’ll be heading to see my boys at Slow Beer!)
Tuesday – World Domination Planning
Wednesday – The Everleigh: Shaken not Brewed!
Thursday – AIBA Dinner!
Friday – Carwyn Cellars: Bastard Belgian Rye IPA Launch and Tap Takeover!
Saturday – Pinnacle: Beery Shenanigan’s!
Sunday – Apocalypse Then.

Sweet times! Hope to see you out and about!

Beery Job of the Ages!

Posted: March 11, 2015 in News

Fancy crafting yourself a new role as our Melbourne based Intergalactic Fun and Beer Legend? That’s right you lucky lass or laddie, you are invited to join the super cool team at Dainton Family Brewery. It’s going to be fun, super fun… and more than likely beery. Did I mention fun and beer? Well, that’s what is installed for you. Beer, fun, table tennis, volcanoes, tumultuous… These are all words that I like the sound of. At least four of them have relevance in your new position of Intergalactic Fun and Beer Legend. I love that title. That and skittles.
On a serious note or more likely a chord, think “A minor”, we are looking for an energetic, friendly, likable, enthusiastic, driven, dedicated, committed, hygienic, capable, fun, beer-loving person to join our team as a full time sales representative. Previous experience in the industry will be looked upon as a rad bonus, but not necessary. Current car license is mandatory.

Key role tasks;

• Minimum number of daily sales calls in person, phone, email, telegram etc.
• Achieve sales targets and KPI’s
• Maintain territory database
• Conduct weekly bar/bottle shop tastings
• Beer Festivals & Events as required
• Raise brand awareness of Dainton within Melbourne and Victoria
• Driving around in a kick-ass van and handing out samples and free cheese burgers

Who are we to be so bold? (Well, we are more than adequate at being bald) Alas we’re a small (yet soon to be rather large-jeebers that brewery is massive!) and growing family business headed up by a once home-brewer turned award winning pro-brewer. We are the real deal. Craft beer or nothing! Not even craft cider… Ok, maybe one, when no one is looking…

Send your CV and Cover Sheet to dan@daintonbrewing.com.au

New Beers and Old Fav’s!

Posted: February 25, 2015 in News

The sexy “Good Son” Golden Belgian is back next week, soon to be followed by a hopped up version of our award winning Impale Ale!

We have a super radulous and world first^ lager coming up in about 6 weeks time! Not to mention IPA back in bottles and something a little smokey for winter!

Ciao mi amigos!

^it’s our first lager in the world…

Brewing with Bacchus in Brisvegas!

Posted: February 17, 2015 in News

Heading to Brewsvegas tomorrow for a double brew day with Rosco the Rascal from Bacchus Brewing. Two devilishly handsome chaps brewing up two devilishly dark delights. Stay tuned for more on their super special release dates!

Also there shall be a visit or two to a few local breweries and bars and of course the five course feast at the Brisbane Brewery!

Look out!


Posted: February 4, 2015 in News

Hey howdy hey, all!

Love your famous opinions on where is place rad enough to house me for a few days in Brisbane?! Heading up for this wicked event below!


Love to see some cool Brissy peeps there!

Reckon I might pop in to see Rosco and Dave at Bacchus and brew up a storm. Pretty excited about hanging out with these lads!

Then back up for Brisvegas Craft Beer Week in March.


Turning Japanese!

Posted: January 14, 2015 in News

I can speak about 3 words of Japanese and none of them make any sense to my mate who speaks it fluently! Ooops. Not my strong point. Brewing, however, you would think should be. Just got back from a fresh interview with a lovely Japanese journalist who is featuring the new Manhatten Ale we’ve done in collaboration with The Everleigh! If you haven’t heard its a sexy rye ale aged in Tasmanian Whiskey Barrels and Shiraz casks! COOL! Get some! Soon to be featured in a Japanese magazine. Even cooler.


In other news… Sinister Sister if you haven’t heard!



This brew packs a nice hoppy punch with citrus, floral, passionfruit and melon characteristics coming to the front backed with a nice crisp finish. Super sessionable and perfect for hot days, cold days, any days, nights and solar eclipses. Once you succumb, there is no reprieve from the ravenous thirst that ensnares from the seduction of the Sinister Sister…


ABV: 3.8%
IBU: 18
COLOUR: Yellow
Malts: Pils, Wheat, Melanoidan, Caraamber
Hops: Dr Rudi, Motueka, Ella and Summer.
Yeast: Clean American Ale Yeast

Thanks to Ev (and Yooying) for the pic I borrowed… Also, his awesome review!!!

onlyworkhere4thebeer ♥ (90) Instabros and Instaladies in front of you I display your new favourite summer beer! Yes that’s a big claim. But my oh my those crazy bastards @dainton_family_brewery have created a monster here. Delicious doesn’t do justice to this mid strength (yes I said mid strength, only 1 standard drink!) summer ale. No secret I’m a big fan of Dainton and have been since day one but taking all that away this is an incredible drop. Pouring a perfect light golden for a summer ale up front this bad boy has got some hops! The nose is a perfectly balance of fresh tropical fruits and ever so citrusy pine. The palate is light and sessionable perfect for hot Australian summer. Fresh notes of mandarin, mango and sweet fresh pineapple are melded with just the right amount of fresh mouth puckering lemon, grapefruit pith and orange peel. The finish is smooth and mellow leaving slight traces of resin on the tongue just enough that makes you excited for that next sip. Well done Dan once again another delicious thing you are putting in the mouths of craft nerds nation wide.

Peace out